Tuesday, August 2, 2011

using synchronous tools in EFL classroom in Saudi Arabia

Using Google talk, Skype, yahoo messenger and other synchronous tools in EFL classroom is difficult to some extent. The first reason is the Internet connection that might be not always available. Also we have students’ motivation that is a big problem if they do not like to use synchronous tools in their learning. The main advantage of using synchronous tools is that they can provide students and teachers of Saudi Arabia vast range of learning and experience of new dimensions in language learning.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students?

 First of all, it is better to explain to the students what are blogs, wikis and delicious and how to use them in the field of education. As a teacher, I can upload homeworks and assignments. Also, I would subscribe different websites that students may be able to use. Here I have an example of wikis that can be used by EFL teachers with students to teach them vocabulary. The teacher gives a word and asks a student to spell it, and then a second student should say a word beginning with the last letter of the word given. The game continues until someone makes a mistake, that is, to pronounce the word incorrectly, misspell it or come up with a word that has been said already, and then he/she is out. The last one remaining in the game is the winner.
This game can be made difficult by limiting the words to a certain category, e.g. food, tools, or nouns, verbs, etc.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Application of Bax Normalization in Saudi Arabia: The how!

Stephan Bax argues that, "Our aim should be to attain a state of `normalization' in which the technology is invisible and truly integrated"
He talked about how we can use computer technology better in our daily work as language educators. The term 'normalization' is the situation when these technologies are used in our daily classroom work as naturally as a whiteboard or a course book. He claimed that even with the revolution of technology, teachers still treat computers as marginal. To achieve normalization, Bax suggested seven stages: early adopters, ignorance, try once, try again, fear, normalizing, and normalization.
In Saudi Arabia, we still have lack in using CALL. It is better to start normalizing CALL by using technologies such as wikis and E-learning.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Welcome to my blog,

My name is Sarah AL-Sobhi. I am graduated student of applied linguistics. I am
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